AMBER ROSE UNCENSORED: Talks Kanye vs. Trump, 21 Savage, #MeToo, Sex & SlutWalk (#88)

In this season premiere episode of TheFallenState TV, two completely different worlds collide as <i>The Fallen State </i>host Jesse Lee Peterson sits down to interview Amber Rose: mother, activist, and creator of the Amber Rose Slut Walk. Amber opens up about her two-year relationship with Kanye West, and gives her take on Kanye's recent viral comments supporting Donald Trump (the "Great White Hope").  Amber asserts President Trump is a 'sexual predator' and insists that 'rape culture,' 'slut shaming,' and men not being taught the meaning of sexual consent is the overarching problem today when it comes to relationships between men and women.  The interview turns more personal when Jesse very candidly asks Amber about her past as a stripper, as well as her relationship with her father and her mother.  They also cover Amber's marriage to Wiz Khalifa, as well as her relationship with 21 Savage.  Jesse and Amber disagree fundamentally on the roles of men and women, as well as the importance of children growing up with both a father and mother in the home.  Rest assured: you have NEVER seen an interview like this one!