STACEY DASH: I Got "BLACKED" Into Voting for Obama!

'Clueless' star Stacey Dash's entire world changed in 2012 when she endorsed Mitt Romney for president. Her charmed Hollywood existence flipped: friends turned on her, she received death threats, and was mercilessly blacklisted by the entertainment industry. Six years later, Kanye West praised Donald Trump, calling him his "brother," sending immense shockwaves around the globe. In this interview, Stacey sits down with TheFallenState TV host Jesse Lee Peterson to discuss being one of the first black celebrities to publicly #WalkAway from the Democrat plantation—years before Kanye West famously praised Donald Trump! Stacey explains why she originally supported Obama in 2008 (she got "blacked" into it). Tune in for a tremendously honest and open interview where Stacey candidly discusses not only her political change of heart, but also her very rough upbringing in the South Bronx (drug-addicted parents, sexual abuse, constant turmoil). You don't want to miss this revealing and eye-opening episode!