Female Sex Therapist likes it ALL: Sex With Men, Women, Bondage, Sadomasochism…(Trailer)

On the Season 5 Finale of TheFallenState TV, host Jesse Lee Peterson is joined by sex therapist Georgia Hill.

Celebrity Dating Coach: Men Need To Be More Emotional, Vulnerable, & Sexual

In this episode of TheFallenState TV, Jesse Lee Peterson sits down with celebrity dating coach Laurel House of E! Network's "Famously Single" to discuss marriage and relationships.
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Black Pastor THINKS He's Boss, But His Pastor-Wife CONTROLS Him!

Why are so many marriages ending in divorce? On this episode of TheFallenState TV, host Jesse Lee Peterson interviews a married pastor couple to better understand how to make marriage work.
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You'll NEVER Be a Real Man Until You Do THIS...

FallenStateTV Host Jesse Lee Peterson has been counseling men and their families on their personal problems for nearly three decades.
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What Do Women Want?

On the SEASON FINALE of TheFallenState TV: "Tonya TKO," a relationship expert, life coach, and YouTube personality joins Jesse Lee Peterson for very provocative and eye-popping discussion on sex, l
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Should Men Tell Women Their Problems?

On this episode of TheFallenState: Rolondo Talbott, a husband, father, and creator of the blog "Redefining Dad" discuses the role of men and women in a marriage, embracing "non-traditional roles,"
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Single Women Discuss Dating, Sex, Love & Get Advice on 'Do's & Don'ts'

On this episode of "The Fallen State TV" with Jesse Lee Peterson, single women discuss the challenges of finding solid, reliable, and gainfully employed men.
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Men Talk Honestly About Women, Sex, Dating, Marriage, God and Money

Jesse Lee Peterson's nonprofit organization, BOND, held its "Seventh Annual Conference on Fatherhood and Men" (Jun 18, 2016).
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Understanding The Male Mind: Female Relationship Coach Controversial Advice

In this episode, Jesse Lee Peterson interviews Chiaku Hanson, a Doctoral student of clinical psychology; relationship coach, blogger and "male decoder"

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Does Racism Really Exist?

In this episode, Jesse Lee Peterson interviews Pastor Chuck Singleton of Loveland Church in Southern California.
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