Inside the World of an Involuntary Celibate: INCEL Derrick Reveals All!

On this episode of TheFallenState TV, host Jesse Lee Peterson sits down for an exclusive interview with Derrick, a 21-year-old man who lives in Los Angeles.  Derrick identifies as an incel, which stands for "involuntary celibate."  The interview spans many topics, including: How does a person become an incel?  What causes most incels to retreat into online forums?  What are the main types of incels? Are most incels depressed? Do the types of women on the 'dating market' have to do with the increase in incels these days?  How is Elliot Rodger, who attacked students at UCSB in 2014, different from, or similar to, most incels?  Tune in to get a real incel's perspective—Derrick is an insider and an expert!