TIFFANY POLLARD (aka New York) Tells ALL: Sex, Interracial Dating, Black Women, & Obama!

On this episode, reality television star Tiffany Pollard (aka New York) stops by TheFallenState TV to sit down with host Jesse Lee Peterson. You may remember Tiffany from the shows Flavor of Love, I Love New York, and Famously Single. In this interview, Tiffany gets candid like never before! She details her extensive experience with dating men of all races, ethnicities, and nationalities, as well as the massive crush she has on Barack Obama. Tune in for New York's uncensored thoughts on her mother, black women, marriage, abortion, and feminism. And why does she refer to herself the "HBIC" (Head B*tch in Charge)? Plus: Does Tiffany love Donald Trump? Tune in to find out!