Polygamist On Sex With His 4 Wives, ‘Racism,' Trump & Worshiping The Black Woman

On this episode of TheFallenState TV, host Jesse Lee Peterson is joined by author, motivational speaker, and celebrity mentor Brother Polight, along with his wives Raet and Amunet. Jesse quizzes Brother Polight, Raet, and Amunet on what it's like to have one man and four women under one roof in a polygamous relationship. How does Brother Polight get "the okay" to bring more women into the relationship? What causes the women to agree to be part of this type of construct? Does Brother Polight have a "favorite"? How does he decide who to have sex with? Do the 'sister wives' get jealous of each other? How many wives is too many wives, according to Brother Polight? Even surrounded by beautiful women, his children, and a booming business, does Brother Polight ever feel a void inside? Stay tuned for an outrageous, no-holds-barred interview!