Mother-Son Relationships: Men Discuss Serious Problems

Two men who agreed to come on the show to discuss their problems and challenges dealing with their mothers join Jesse Lee Peterson on this episode of “The Fallen State TV.”

Most men—especially black men—do not know how to deal with their mothers because they've not had good fathers around to teach them how to develop courage and speak up. As a result, they have a lot of anger, fear, and insecurities. They don't know how to deal with women.

One man, Ronald, said his father left home when he was just 3 or 4 yrs. old, so he never developed a father-son bond with him. He recalls how he wanted his father in his life to teach him how to do manly things. He feels like he missed out and didn’t learn how to deal with life like a man because he grew up around all women.

He said his mother never disciplined him, and he had a hard time accepting correction. He grew up angry and full of rage.

Another man, Genaro, said he never received love from his parents. He wasn’t close to either parent and couldn’t recall a time when his mother was kind to him. He said she was often impatient. He found himself looking for acceptance and love from strangers. As a kid, he didn’t realize anything was wrong at home, but as he got older, he began to question his parent’s relationship and his relationship with them. As an adult, he’s still intimidated around women because of the "fear of failure” and need for acceptance. This problem is present and getting worse in men of all races. Hopefully this show will help men get a better understanding of their issues and point the way for them to discover their true identity and reconnect with their earthly and heavenly Father.