Minister Turns Atheist! Debate on MGTOW, Masculinity, Trump, & Black People!

On this episode of TheFallenState TV, host Jesse Lee Peterson sits down with Jerod Zavistoski, a comedian, dating coach, and a social and political commentator.  Jesse and Jerod begin by getting into a debate about atheism and God after Jerod reveals that he grew up devoutly Christian, and then later decided to become an atheist.  Jesse asks Jerod where he gets his values from, now that he doesn't believe in God.  They then delve into masculinity, feminism, today's dating world, MGTOW, and whether Jerod thinks like a woman or a man.  Jerod responds that he does both, because he understands how to empathize the way that a woman would.  Finally, they discuss a Buzzfeed article, "37 White People Need to Stop Ruining in 2018," and Jesse asks Jerod to name something major that black people have built in the past 60 years.  Finally, they debate about Donald Trump.  Don't miss it!