Dr. Drew Reveals All: Politics, Trump, His Own Trauma, NFL & CNN Flipout Over Sick Hillary!

On this SEASON PREMIERE episode of The Fallen State, host Jesse Lee Peterson is joined by Dr. Drew Pinsky, addiction specialist and host of Dr. Drew Midday Live on 790 KABC radio.  In this in-depth interview, Dr. Drew gets real about himself: what does he want in life?  What are his anxieties? What has he overcome to get where he is today? As an addiction specialist, Dr. Drew weighs in on the opioid crisis: who is at fault for this epidemic?  And what is the real root cause of addiction?  Finally, they wade into politics.  What does Dr. Drew think of Kanye West?  Does he think the U.S. has a problem with white supremacy?  Is he a Trump supporter?  And what REALLY happened after Dr. Drew gave his assessment of Hillary Clinton's health on CNN's HLN network?  And finally, Dr. Drew talks about his bias when it comes to Colin Kaepernick and the NFL kneeling controversy.  Don't miss this candid dialogue, as Dr. Drew opens up in an unprecedented manner!