Donald Trump & Ted Cruz Supporters Battle at Town Hall (Jesse Peterson vs. Andrew Klavan)

“The Fallen State" TV, hosted by Jesse Lee Peterson convened a special a town hall forum with Donald Trump and Ted Cruz supporters Sunday night (4/10/16) in Los Angeles. The event kicked off with a lively debate between Jesse Lee Peterson, who is pro-Trump, and Andrew Klavan who supports Cruz.

The town hall was standing room only, and the crowd support was split down the middle. Jesse and Andrew debated and sparred for the first half, then the audience joined in with their questions and comments. People voiced very strong opinions about the candidates, the Republican Party, and the state of affairs in the country. Despite the acrimony between the presidential candidates and their supporters nationwide, people at this town hall had a vigorous, yet civil debate. They disagreed on many things, but most were open to new information and found some common ground. People left knowing that it’s ok to disagree and support your candidate without hating one another.