DINESH D'SOUZA Talks DEATH OF A NATION w/ Jesse Lee Peterson!

On this episode, Dinesh D'Souza stops by TheFallenState TV studio during his whirlwind press tour promoting his latest film and book, both titled, <i>The Death of a Nation </i>(2018).  Host Jesse Lee Peterson and Dinesh (scholar / author / filmmaker / political commentator) delve into the meaning of nationalism, the real history of the Democratic party, and the way Leftists have tried to pin their own ugly past on conservatives and the Founding Fathers. Dinesh says the film compares President Trump to President Lincoln because they faced an eerily similar set of circumstances during, and leading up to, their presidencies.  After giving a glowing endorsement of Dinesh's film, Jesse goes off the beaten path of the average interview and gets Dinesh's thoughts on spirituality, the definition of a man, and his weekly Biblical Question.  Jesse also gets Dinesh's candid reaction to naming the month of July as White History Month. Don't miss it!