Understanding The Male Mind: Female Relationship Coach Controversial Advice

In this episode, Jesse Lee Peterson interviews Chiaku Hanson, a Doctoral student of clinical psychology; relationship coach, blogger and "male decoder"

In this incredibly candid interview, Jesse and Chiaku share very useful information on what men and women want from each other. Though they have opposite views on many issues, the interesting and entertaining information in this video will help men and women get a clear understanding of the opposite sex and better navigate their relationships and avoid pitfalls.

  1. They discussed:
  2. Top things that men and women find confusing about the opposite sex.
  3. The male mind vs. the female mind.
  4. What makes a man pursue a woman and fall in "love"?
  5. What do men want?
  6. What do women want?
  7. Why do women like to control men?
  8. Why are women so competitive with one another?
  9. What is the definition of a male chauvinist?