STACEY DASH: Trump & Kanye, Hollywood Blacklisting, #WalkAway from the Democrat Plantation

Social media is exploding with people sharing stories of how they "walked away" from the Democrat Party.  In the era of #WalkAway, this episode of TheFallenState TV is more timely than ever. Tune in as host Jesse Lee Peterson sits down with actress, author, conservative commentator, and 'Clueless' star Stacey Dash.  Jesse asks Stacey about her rough upbringing, hailing from the South Bronx, and then rising to the heights of Hollywood fame. Stacey speaks candidly on her parents' drug addictions, being sexually abused, and the tremendous discipline it took to get out of the Bronx and into the charmed circles of the Hollywood elite.  Stacey explains how her entire world changed when she tweeted her support for presidential candidate Mitt Romney in 2012, and how she was one of the first black celebrities to publicly #walkaway from the Democrat plantation. Jesse and Stacey exchange stories of what happened to them once they renounced their liberal beliefs.  Plus, there is plenty of talk about President Trump, Kanye West, and Stacey's story of faith and forgiveness. Plus: What is Stacey looking for in her future husband?? Tune in for a very heartfelt, honest and entertaining interview!