Race, Class, Gender & IDENTITY POLITICS...Does It Divide or Unite?

Black Lives Matter. White Nationalists. Asian Americans. Latino Americans. Jewish Americans. Women's rights. Flip on any TV, and it's all you see -- talking heads playing identity politics, quickly grouping Americans based on race and gender. Pointing fingers at some groups as "victim" (i.e. minorities, women) and others as "oppressor" (i.e. whites; men). Is identity politics the correct lens to look through, when it comes to fixing America's deepest problems? On this episode, TheFallenState TV host Jesse Lee Peterson is joined by Jennifer Pae, Director of FairVote California. They discuss the last election, fair voting practices, race relations, immigration, multiculturalism vs. assimilation, and put a magnifying glass on identity politics in order to shed light on what is really going on. Don't miss it!