'Diversity'-Obsessed, Trump-Hating School Gone Crazy! White Teens Speak Out!

If you were a high schooler supporting Trump during the 2016 election, what would you do if your school newspaper called your verbal Trump support "hate speech"? This is what happened at a very elite, leftist-packed high school in California. As students at this school, TheFallenState TV guests Natalie (16) and Aidan (19) used to keep their political views to themselves, until they decided they couldn't take the "politically correct" insanity a moment longer. Natalie, a 16-year-old student, went ahead and voiced her support for Trump and traditional American values on a school-affiliated podcast, and all hell broke loose! Natalie says that students and school officials alike began to give her death stares, and that she was called a "nazi," along with every other name in the book. Aidan, a 19-year-old friend and former classmate of Natalie's, expresses a similar experience of encountering incredible resistance merely for supporting traditional, America-first values. If you find yourself thinking that all young Americans are becoming liberal, "social justice warriors," think again! Natalie and Aidan show that there is hope for Generation Z and beyond!