DEBATE: BETA Males, a Woman's Place, White Privilege, Kanye & Mental Slavery

On this episode of TheFallenState TV, host Jesse Lee Peterson sits down with two accomplished entertainers. Joe Hernandez-Kolski is a two-time HBO Def Poet and Emmy award-winner.  Joshua Silverstein is an actor, comic, and beatboxer who can be seen weekly on "Drop the Mic" on TBS.  Jesse asks his two guests about being multiracial (Joe is Mexican and Polish, and Joshua is Jewish and black), as well as what they think of interracial dating.  The conversation moves into an exchange about men and masculinity: should men be emotional and into their feelings?  Is gender God-made, or man-made (aka, a social construct)?  What is a "woman's place"?  The interview also covers God and religion, Donald Trump (also known as "The Great White Hope"), Kanye West, and how to escape from mental slavery.  Don't miss a fun and entertaining dialogue!