On this episode of TheFallenState TV, host Jesse Lee Peterson is joined by author, motivational speaker, and celebrity mentor Brother Polight, along with his wives Raet and Amunet. The talk turns controversial when Jesse asks Brother Polight about his statement, "The Black Woman Is My God." Jesse also inquires about Brother Polight's decision to live with four women as his wives, as well as his definition of morality and whether or not he knows how to overcome the spiritual void and emptiness that most people struggle with.

With the rise of radical feminism and the confusion surrounding gender roles, it's no wonder that a lot of guys are struggling to understand what it really means to be a man. Through his nonprofit organization BOND, TheFallenState TV host Jesse Lee Peterson has been successfully counseling men for decades on how to overcome their problems and take responsibility for their lives.

On this episode of TheFallenState TV, Duck Commander Phil Robertson, star of A&E's hit reality TV series Duck Dynasty, sits down with host Jesse Lee Peterson. Jesse and Phil discuss their similar upbringing in the South, why losing fame or wealth doesn't faze Phil, and the REAL reason why the media establishment is flipping out over Donald Trump. Plus, Jesse gets Phil's take on the 'fallen state,' patriarchy, and the reason Phil chose to make and star in his documentary TORCHBEARER, on what happens to civilizations when God's principles are taken out of society.

In this Christmas Special of TheFallenState TV, author Andrew Klavan sits down with Jesse Lee Peterson and candidly examines the significance of his complicated relationship with his father. He gets real about what it was like to come from a secular Jewish family and struggle to become a successful writer while enduring and triumphing over serious inner conflict and many other challenges. He details how his struggles ultimately and ironically led him to faith in Jesus Christ.

On this season finale episode of TheFallenState TV, host Jesse Lee Peterson sits down with comedian, writer, and actor Carlos Mencia (creator of the Comedy Central show, "Mind of Mencia"). Jesse asks Carlos about originally being from Honduras, what his family means to him, and what it means to be a man. They also discuss race in America, as well as Carlos's thoughts on Trump and his immigration policy. Finally, Jesse asks Carlos about his infamous onstage run-in with comedian Joe Rogan and how that event impacted him. Don't miss this Fallen State season finale!

It sounds like the makings of a soap opera, or maybe an episode of "Jerry Springer"...Three husbands and three wives who are all friends, with kids who go to the same school in a nice, suburban area.  Fun backyard barbecues, taking their kids to school activities together, all living the dream until...all THREE wives decide to CHEAT on their husbands and begin living a wild, partying lifestyle!! Tune in for a story that is so outrageous, you can't make it up.

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