Season 4

On this exciting and timely episode of TheFallenState TV, syndicated columnist and New York Times bestselling author Ann Coulter joins host Jesse Lee Peterson. In the wake of UC Berkeley cancelling Ann's scheduled speech, Ann discusses free speech in America and the left's frequent censorship of the right. One of Trump's biggest supporters during the election, Ann weighs in on Trump's actions so far as president. Ann also opens up about her family, being a Christian, and her thoughts on men and relationships.

In this episode of TheFallenState TV, Jesse Lee Peterson sits down with celebrity dating coach Laurel House of E! Network's "Famously Single" to discuss marriage and relationships. Jesse and Laurel butt heads over whether marriage is a "partnership" where both husband and wife lead, or whether the husband is the leader. They also strongly disagree over the ways in which men and women are naturally different from each other. Laurel becomes upset when Jesse explains why it's wrong and harmful to encourage men (including her two-year-old son) to be emotional.

Why are so many marriages ending in divorce? On this episode of TheFallenState TV, host Jesse Lee Peterson interviews a married pastor couple to better understand how to make marriage work. Chief Apostle Maurice Boykins and Co-Pastor Prophetess Anita Boykins (of Tabernacle of Faith Healing and Deliverance Ministry in California) explain how they navigate their relationship. Jesse asks his pastor guests whether it is scriptural for a woman to pastor, which sparks a heated debate. The debate deepens over the controversial topics of headship in marriage, and sin.

On this fiery episode of TheFallenState TV, host Jesse Lee Peterson and his guest, USC Professor Sheila Briggs, couldn't disagree more on feminism, masculinity, social justice, Donald Trump, or the Women's March. Professor Briggs, an Associate Professor in the USC Religion and Gender Studies Department, weighs in on everything from sin, to her Catholic faith, to Black Lives Matter, Trump, Women's History Month, and pussy hats. Tune in for a heated debate!

On this episode of TheFallenState TV, host Jesse Lee Peterson is joined by Kenya T. Parham, political strategist and founder of Parlay: An Urban Think Tank on Civic Engagement. Called "An emerging millennial leader to watch" by The Huffington Post, Kenya has worked on multiple political campaigns and raised nearly $20 million in funds. In this lively exchange, Jesse and Kenya discuss civic engagement, voter ID laws, International Women's Day, Islamic terror, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, social justice, Black Lives Matter, the travel ban, and the border.

On this episode of TheFallenState TV, Duck Commander Phil Robertson, star of A&E's hit reality TV series Duck Dynasty, sits down with host Jesse Lee Peterson. Jesse and Phil discuss their similar upbringing in the South, why losing fame or wealth doesn't faze Phil, and the REAL reason why the media establishment is flipping out over Donald Trump. Plus, Jesse gets Phil's take on the 'fallen state,' patriarchy, and the reason Phil chose to make and star in his documentary TORCHBEARER, on what happens to civilizations when God's principles are taken out of society.

This episode of TheFallenState TV includes a VERY timely debate on U.S. immigration policy between host Jesse Lee Peterson and Dr. Alvaro Huerta of Cal Poly Pomona. Dr. Huerta, Assistant Professor in the Ethnic and Women's Studies Department, is the son of Mexican immigrants who grew up in the projects of East Los Angeles. Jesse and Dr. Huerta could not differ more in their opinions on President Trump and his immigration policies! Tune in for a fiery face-off on Trump's travel ban, the border wall, national security, anchor babies, atheism vs.

FallenStateTV Host Jesse Lee Peterson has been counseling men and their families on their personal problems for nearly three decades. In this episode, he sits down with millennials Thomas (26, technical artist) and Stan (30, personal trainer) and has a candid chat about men, sex, relationships, dating, and family. What is the one thing you must do in order to be a real man? Tune in to find out!

In this episode of TheFallenState TV, show host Jesse Lee Peterson seeks to get a better understanding of the Hare Krishna Movement. He interviews H.D. Goswami (Howard J. Resnick, Ph.D.), esteemed leader in the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), about everything from sin, the soul, and repentance, to same-sex marriage, abortion, and who Jesus really was. The interview turns heated when H.D. Goswami gets upset over Jesse's questions.

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