Season 2

Rev. Ann Hayman, Pastor at St. Paul's Presbyterian Church (a majority black church) and board member of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, joins Jesse Lee Peterson to discuss feminist theology, her views on God & the church, men, 'feminist spirituality,' Islam, race, and much more.

On this episode of "The Fallen State TV" with Jesse Lee Peterson, single women discuss the challenges of finding solid, reliable, and gainfully employed men. They open up about their interesting, funny, and even shocking experiences with men & bizarre dating advice offered to them by family and friends. They also receive solid advice on the 'do's and don'ts' of dating, sex and finding good men.

BONUS FEATURE: Longtime friends and political rivals, Jaime and AC of Waves of Gray, join Jesse Lee Peterson on this bonus episode of TheFallenState TV. Jamie and AC used to have a weekly feature on the “Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show” where they would debate politics and current events. Jamie (white guy) is a liberal and AC (black guy) is conservative. Watch Jesse Lee Peterson moderate this entertaining debate between a flaming white liberal Democrat vs. a fire breathing black Christian conservative.

On the SEASON FINALE of TheFallenState TV: "Tonya TKO," a relationship expert, life coach, and YouTube star discusses sex, love, money and what women.

Jaclyn Glenn was raised a Catholic and eventually became an agnostic. Now she's a major voice for atheism on YouTube. Even Richard Dawkins is a fan! Jaclyn joins Jesse Lee Peterson on the next episode of The Fallen State TV.

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