Season 2

White liberal Christian and Black conservative Christian square off in this bonus episode of TheFallenState TV. Jamie (White liberal) and A.C. (Black conservative) are longtime friends, but they strongly disagree about politics and most social issues. They join Jesse Lee Peterson to debate Trump vs. Hillary, the validity of “racism" & Black Lives Matter, Colin Kaepernick, men who are in touch with their "sensitive side," and much more!

On the SEASON FINALE of TheFallenState TV: "Tonya TKO," a relationship expert, life coach, and YouTube personality joins Jesse Lee Peterson for very provocative and eye-popping discussion on sex, love, gender roles, money and what she believes women want out of life. Watch the full episode to see what question triggers Tonya.

On this episode of TheFallenState: Rolondo Talbott, a husband, father, and creator of the blog "Redefining Dad" discuses the role of men and women in a marriage, embracing "non-traditional roles," leaning on the wife in moments of weakness, decision making, old school values vs. modern values, and more! Be sure to watch the trailer for NEXT week's episode featured at the end of this show.

Author, radio talk show host, and one of Donald Trump's toughest critics, BEN SHAPIRO, joins JESSE LEE PETERSON on THIS episode of "The Fallen State TV" to discuss #NeverTrump, alt right, manhood, God, love vs. hate, illegal immigration, crooked Hillary, and predictions for 2016 presidential election.

LIZ SKOCHIL, a 30-year-old transsexual and a convert to Judaism joins Jesse Lee Peterson on this episode of The Fallen State TV. Liz is a fan of the show, and flew in from the mid-west to Los Angeles to be a guest. Liz doesn’t buy into the radical LGBT agenda, and openly discusses views on God, life as a "trans woman," contemplating suicide, acceptance, and even politics!

Imam Suhail Hasan Mulla, Program Director for The Islamic Society of Orange County, joins Jesse Lee Peterson to discuss why more Muslims don't speak out against terrorism and why he supports Sharia law. The Imam also explains Islamic teachings about Jews, Christians, women, sin, and defines the term "infidel." He also reveals which presidential candidate he's supporting!

On this episode of “The Fallen State TV,” Bamby Salcedo, President and CEO of the Trans Latina Coalition discusses how he became a "trans woman," and explains views on gender identity, God, illegal immigration, Donald Trump, White privilege and much more. Raised by a "strong" single mother, Salcedo says he felt empty, confused and had resentment toward his parents. At eight years old he began using drugs. He says he recognized early on that what he felt on the inside didn't match how he looked on the outside and transitioned to a "trans woman" at 19.

Medical marijuana is now legal in half of all U.S. states. This November, 8 states (including California) are going to vote on possibly making marijuana easier to get. Joining Jesse on this episode are Stefan Borst-Censullo, a marijuana attorney and Scott Chipman, the Southern California chair of Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana (C.A.L.M.)

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