Season 1

Ali Kellog, spokesperson for The Satanic Temple of Los Angeles and feminist, is the guest on this episode of The Fallen State. Ali is also an educator at the Holocaust Museum in L.A., primarily teaching children and teenagers about genocide, racism, and social activism.

Ani Zonneveld, Founder and President of Muslims for Progressive Values joins Jesse Lee Peterson to discuss why she believes Islam is "as American as apple pie." Jesse and Ani also discuss whether Islam is comapatible with the U.S. Constitution? Why she disagrees with Donald Trump's call to place a temporary ban on Muslims entering the U.S., and how "progressive Muslims" differ from radical Muslims.

In this episode, Jesse Lee Peterson interviews Chiaku Hanson, a Doctoral student of clinical psychology; relationship coach, blogger and "male decoder"

In this incredibly candid interview, Jesse and Chiaku share very useful information on what men and women want from each other. Though they have opposite views on many issues, the interesting and entertaining information in this video will help men and women get a clear understanding of the opposite sex and better navigate their relationships and avoid pitfalls.

Two men who agreed to come on the show to discuss their problems and challenges dealing with their mothers join Jesse Lee Peterson on this episode of “The Fallen State TV.”

Most men—especially black men—do not know how to deal with their mothers because they've not had good fathers around to teach them how to develop courage and speak up. As a result, they have a lot of anger, fear, and insecurities. They don't know how to deal with women.

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