Episode 4

On this episode of TheFallenState TV, host Jesse Lee Peterson is joined by hip-hop artist and news analyst An0maly. Although An0maly is a first-time guest on The Fallen State, Jesse has interviewed him on radio via The Jesse Lee Peterson Show. At the time, An0maly had recently released a song in praise of Bernie Sanders. Jesse asks An0maly how he moved from being liberal, to becoming a part of the #walkaway movement. An0maly describes how he steadily became more interested in politics and how his views began to shift.

At universities around the United States, black college student groups are holding major protests against their school administrations, demanding multi-million dollar endowments, separate and free housing for black students, and even lobbying for days without white students. On this episode of TheFallenState TV, Jesse Lee Peterson sits down with Alicia Frison, chairwoman of the UCLA Afrikan Student Union.

On this episode of TheFallenState TV, host Jesse Lee Peterson sits down with two accomplished entertainers. Joe Hernandez-Kolski is a two-time HBO Def Poet and Emmy award-winner.  Joshua Silverstein is an actor, comic, and beatboxer who can be seen weekly on "Drop the Mic" on TBS.  Jesse asks his two guests about being multiracial (Joe is Mexican and Polish, and Joshua is Jewish and black), as well as what they think of interracial dating.  The conversation moves into an exchange about men and masculinity: should men be emotional and into their feelings?

On this episode of TheFallenState TV, host Jesse Lee Peterson sits down Emmy Award-Winning HBO Def Poet Joe Hernandez-Kolski, and comic/actor/beatboxer from TBS' "Drop the Mic" Joshua Silverstein.  In a 2-on-1 verbal boxing match, host Jesse Lee Peterson quizzes comedy duo Joe and Joshua on Kanye West's support for Donald Trump, their candid thoughts on men & masculinity today (i.e., should men be emotional? Is gender a social construct?), and their take on religion.  Don't miss a very lively debate!

FallenStateTV Host Jesse Lee Peterson has been counseling men and their families on their personal problems for nearly three decades. In this episode, he sits down with millennials Thomas (26, technical artist) and Stan (30, personal trainer) and has a candid chat about men, sex, relationships, dating, and family. What is the one thing you must do in order to be a real man? Tune in to find out!

Rev. Ann Hayman, Pastor at St. Paul's Presbyterian Church (a majority black church) and board member of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, joins Jesse Lee Peterson to discuss feminist theology, her views on God & the church, men, 'feminist spirituality,' Islam, race, and much more.

In this episode, Jesse Lee Peterson interviews Pastor Chuck Singleton of Loveland Church in Southern California. Topics: race relations, anniversary of Trayvon Martin shooting, racial profiling, man/woman relationships and much more. Loveland Church has three locations with a congregation of 5,000; as well as a vibrant online community. Pastor Singleton is known for debating the likes of former New Black Panther head and Louis Farrakhan disciple Dr. Khalid Muhammad. He also produces music videos on topics related to man/woman relationships, race relations and police issues.

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