It has become increasingly rare to hear popular YouTubers support traditional, Christian values on their channels. In this episode of TheFallenState TV, host Jesse Lee Peterson talks to a very popular YouTuber, Stevie Boebi, who has nearly 600,000 subscribers on her channel. Stevie, a lesbian sex educator, has chosen to pull away entirely from the traditional Christian values of her youth in favor of LGBT activism, and teaching lesbians (in a very explicit manner) how to have sex with each other. Jesse asks Stevie what made her shun her “very religious” upbringing in order to do this. Stevie mentions the layers of trauma she has experienced, from her father’s suicide, to her mother’s drug use, to becoming an orphan, to surviving rape, and how she finally came to believe she was a lesbian. Tune in for a very revealing discussion that ends with some FIREWORKS when Jesse brings up Bruce (‘Caitlyn’) Jenner!

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